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Make e-commerce yours.

The plentymarkets principle:

e-commerce as a service

plentymarkets is much more than just a software program for managing your webshop:
Eight highly efficient individual modules come together to link all of the process levels in e-commerce and redefine exemplary online service.

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Important advantages for customers like yourself

Simply clever: one system manages it all

You can manage all of your online business processes with one software: plentymarkets.

From setting up your items to completing transactions and managing payments: all of the processes are efficiently linked together so that you can fulfill orders quickly and provide your customers with a high level of service. Furthermore, customers like yourself profit from the comprehensive range of support offered by plentymarkets. plentymarkets makes e-commerce simple, convenient and efficient by providing you with a wide range of individual functions that all work together harmoniously under one roof.

Automatic processes increase professionalism

plentymarkets is geared toward professional multichannel sales. A great variety of automatic process can be used to take care of daily tasks, which saves you time and keeps your personnel expenses to a minimum. You can eliminate the errors that result from manually keeping track of your stock, deliveries and payments. Individual possibilities for configuration and statistics give you an overview of your entire online business any time day or night.

With plentymarkets, you can easily link multiple webshops together as well as list your items on online markets and price search engines.

Perfectly organized for success

plentymarkets has several valuable functions that make it easier to sell online.

Not only can you use the system to process completed orders but also to cater to individual customer requests. You can automatically reserve stock for auctions or pending sales orders. All of the important shipping service providers are integrated and tracking URLs are sent automatically.

An integrated coupon and newsletter system can also be used to generate additional sales and increase customer retention.

A wealth of knowledge - up to date, comprehensible and applicable

We want you to benefit from everything that plentymarkets has to offer and be able to manage your webshop professionally. That's why we provide you with the best possible support – online with the comprehensive plentymarkets manual or over the phone for specific questions.

The online manual is maintained by a special documentation team. It describes all of the software's features and functions so that you can quickly find your way around plentymarkets and work with it efficiently. We make sure that you are always up to date with the newest technology.


Try out plentymarkets before you make your decision

Feel free to compare us with other webshop systems: You can try out a complete version of plentymarkets for 30 days - free and with no strings attached. Once you're convinced by the wide range of powerful applications included in plentymarkets and are ready to join the ranks of our many satisfied customers, we can easily register the currently installed software so that you can continue using it without losing any time.

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plentymarkets is the all-in-one solution for your e-business: Webshop (B2B & B2C), domain, hosting, design, service and consulting all under one roof.

Something for everyone

Quickly and easily make the switch to a better software

You're already working in the field of e-commerce and are using a webshop system that you are not completely satisfied with: too complicated, too inconvenient, too few markets at your disposal.

Switch to a better software – the all-in-one solution provided by plentymarkets. Just like everything else in plentymarkets, even making the switch is simple.

Use lots of markets, reach lots of customers

You want to start working in online business because you recognized the enormous potential that this profitable market holds and you want to combine your local store with a lucrative webshop.

plentymarkets lets you efficiently combine both. You only need one software program to use all of the different distribution channels.

Customized for global expansion

plentymarkets has proven itself time and again as a highly professional webshop solution that can be trusted to manage large volumes of sales orders.

plentymarkets ENTERPRISE can be individually customized and expanded to meet your needs. You also have the option of booking a wide range of premium services.

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Simple interface - simple to use

Why make something unnecessarily difficult if it can be done easily? plentymarkets is an intelligent and powerful management system, which combines one-of-a-kind simplicity with extreme versatility.

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You call the shots

plentymarkets takes care of your online business' entire process chain – from presenting your items and managing your orders to handling deliveries and payments. A variety of clever, additional functions provide extra support where needed, e.g. in logistics or payment. You can control all of your online activities with one software program.

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State of the art. Today and tomorrow

plentymarkets is powered by a team of specialists and cutting edge technology that helps make your online business even faster and more successful. The large number of integrated markets can be used to quickly increase your sales figures. plentymarkets is constantly being improved and offers you state of the art technology, innovation and user-friendliness.

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Always up to date

With short release cycles and regular updates, plentymarkets is always in touch with the latest trends and you are always one step ahead in e-business. The changelogs provide you with a detailed and easy to use list of all the changes that were made to plentymarkets.

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Register today! You can use the system to its full extent during the trial period. If requested, all of the data and settings can be carried over when the contract is closed later on.

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Purchase or lease. An overview of our plentymarkets versions

You have the choice between purchasing the premium package or leasing the smart package – both are all-in-one solutions for clever e-commerce.

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