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Make e-commerce yours.


  • Online store
  • Local business (the POSMAN point of sale system is integrated into plentymarkets via a live interface)
  • Mobile devices (Shopgate)
  • Markets and price comparison portals (eBay, Amazon, Yatego, Rakuten, hitmeister, MeinPaket and many more. A complete list is available here)
  • Up to 30 independent clients (stores) can be administered with one plentymarkets system. Each one of them can be given its own domain, layout, E-mail and document templates (invoice, delivery note etc.).

plentymarkets online store

  • different templates available
  • wide range of possibilities to customize your layout and design via HTML and CSS
  • Zoom function
  • Multilingualism (UTF-8 compliant)
  • B2B and B2C
  • Item videos (via Treepodia)
  • Coupon and gift card module
  • Gift service
  • Sweepstakes function
  • Weblog / Blog module
  • Customer forum
  • Guestbook
  • Digital goods
  • Scheduler module
  • Categories (6 levels)
  • 12 price columns
  • Item variants
  • Price calculation and graduated prices
  • Discounts
  • Contents, units, price sets
  • Item bundles
  • Item feedback
  • Trusted Shops Seller Rating
  • eKomi Seller Ratings
  • EHI pre-certified online store
  • Trusted Shops pre-certified online store
  • Checkout is compliant with shopping cart solution
  • Automatic import of legal text (via JanoLaw, Händlerbund and IT Recht Kanzlei)
  • Search engine friendly online store including optimized URLs, sitemap, titles, descriptions, keywords
  • Live search: matching search results are displayed below the entry field while typing.
  • Search function as well as standardized interfaces to search providers like FINDOLOGIC and FACT-Finder
  • Econda interface for online store analysis
  • Facebook plugin
  • RSS feeds
  • Twitter plugin
  • Social bookmarks
  • Tell-a-friend function
  • Newsletter module
  • Affiliate marketing A complete list of all integrated affiliate service providers is available here
  • Cross-selling (dynamic and static)
  • Live shopping including a countdown and a live display of the stock as a percentage
  • New arrivals
  • Top sellers
  • Special offers
  • Wish lists
  • Watchlists
  • Customer account, customer groups
  • Customer account with return function
  • Sales order properties (for customers to provide more information about the order)
  • Age restriction module
  • Comprehensive interfaces to extend the basic store functions (e.g. eKomi, FACT-Finder, econda and many more) A complete list is available here)
  • ... and many more functions. If you are missing a specific function or if you are not sure whether or not plentymarkets offers a this function, take a look into our comprehensive manual, here you will find the answer to your question.

Stock management

  • Centralized stock numbers
  • Stocks and prices are centrally synchronised with the distribution channels
  • Reorder management
  • Warehouse and storage location management
  • Multiple suppliers / creditors
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Item variants
  • Management of suppliers, purchase prices and supplier item numbers per item
  • Inventory
  • Stock synchronization via import function / API
  • Orders
  • Reserved stocks
  • Point of sales integration via POSMAN live interface


  • Total revenue development
  • Revenue by category
  • Shopping cart development
  • Revenue by referrer per order
  • Revenue by referrer per item
  • Revenue by shipping region
  • Returns / credit notes / cancellations
  • Status of the current sales orders
  • Sales order processing times
  • Pending payments according to payment methods
  • Shipping orders by shipping service provider
  • Shipping costs by shipping service provider
  • Current stock
  • Sold item quantities
  • Estimated stock turnover and reorder levels
  • Leads via interaction
  • Leads via status
  • Sent messages
  • Tops / Flops
  • Contribution margin I + II

Payment & Invoicing

  • HBCI and EBICS payment synchronization for up to 3 bank accounts
  • Integrations for debt collection service providers like atriga or mediafinanz

Logistics & Fulfillment

  • Return management
  • Printing of shipping documents (invoices, delivery notes, DHL package labels & self-generated address labels)

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer requests per mail or in the online store - directly assigned to the customer account
  • User interface for editing customer surveys (similar to the E-mail application)
  • Assigning types and priorities to requests
  • Assigning requests to certain employees or a group of employees
  • Tracking the communication flow (incl. file attachments) in the central ticket system
  • Access to the order history and communication while processing the request
  • Answering requests via plentymarkets E-mail service and the help of text blocks

Consulting / Support


  • Maintenance of the software
  • Continuous, market-oriented improvement (e.g. interfaces to new markets, integration of payment providers or implementation of new functions)
  • Periodic updates

Cloud hosting

  • Software as a service
  • Maximum availability and reliability
  • Hosted in the plenty cloud
  • Optimized failover system
  • 1st domain is included (additional domains available)
  • Ideal balance for high traffic
  • Innovative caching technology for fast short store loading times
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